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5 Common Questions About Old Commercial Carpets

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Like all other assets in the industry, your carpet has its lifespan. And knowing how long a carpet lasts will help any business owner decide when it’s time to put more work into replacing it. Here are five answers to your queries about carpet flexibility.

1. Is Carpet Long-lasting?

Commonly, carpets have a tendency to start becoming progressively worse is after about a decade. However, this is not a constant rule. Every carpet’s lifespan is a little different for a variety of causes. 

For example, each carpet sees a various amount of foot traffic — light, heavy, and medium. They are made from various materials, others are more durable, whereas others are more delicate. They are exposed to a variety of lighting sources, ranging from bright natural sunlight to a variety of artificial lights. They can be covered or given to the customers regularly.

2. Is Avoiding Being Hasty Necessary?

If you think that your carpet is in the middle age of its usage or has a bit of stain, it doesn’t automatically mean that you need to replace it right away. Modern carpet cleaning can still do a lot to restore old carpets. Regular treatments like steam and dry mixtures — perhaps in multiple sessions — can remove stains and spots. Expert assistance can also fight against odors with sanitizing and antibacterial remedies.

Repairs may help your carpet if it has discoloration from stains or tint damage. For example, stains that have permanently discolored the carpet surfaces may be fixable through a re-dyeing process handled by expert assistance. Cuts and tears may even be repaired by removing a stained part (including the pad beneath) and replacing it with another part. 

3. What Are Hints For A Carpet To Be Replaced?

An old carpet will finally hit its end, even with all of these remedies and repairs. How can you tell when this has happened? Here are things to look for: 

Moisture and water damage that may cause decay

Treatments are no longer effective in removing odors

Biohazard stains on a wide range

Slipping risks caused by tearing and matting

A style that is no longer appropriate for your company’s image

These issues aren’t just cosmetic, and they continue even after using both regular and deep cleaning processes. When this happens, your carpet may have reached its end.

4. How Can You Take Good Care Of Your Next Carpets?

As you plan in replacing your carpet, take time to look in advance if how will you take good care of the next ones. Rather than waiting until the new carpet has started to age or get damaged, make a plan for keeping things as safe and new as possible.

This works with discovering how to find clean spills and trash as it happens. A quality carpet care assistance may be able to help you select spot cleaners and handle common daily damage that can happen during the business. You should also schedule daily and weekly vacuuming to remove dirt before it gets worse.

Light cleaning should be followed by the deep cleaning process. Low traffic carpets, like many offices, may only need deep cleaning once or twice a year. High traffic areas, need this extra step many times per year.

5. Where Should You Begin?

Whatever period your carpet is in, now is the perfect time to figure out what your new carpet needs. Maid-Serv, A division of Jani-serv, Inc. can help. We provide a wide range of care options for older carpets and will work with you to design a protective plan for new ones. Call today and schedule with a cleaning pro.

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